10 Practical Tips To Save Money Traveling Long Term

tips to save money when traveling long term

Traveling long term is a dream for many of us. To experience the freedom of the open road, and overcome the fear of the unknown, all in the name of feeding that animal inside of us, called wanderlust.

With the help of technology and the jobs that are increasingly becoming more flexible, or pay to travel, ability to cast-off, and explore the far corners of the earth has never in the history of humanity been more within reach. In fact, it has turned to a cool trend, enticing the young to quit their regular lifestyle and jobs across the world.

While it is certainly a good sign to join this bandwagon of long-term travel, not many are aware of what it takes to make this come true, especially saving money. So we are bringing the  10 practical tips to save money traveling long-term.

1. Plan Your Travels & Savings Well

The first question that you need to ask when you think of long-term traveling is the way you want to travel.

a. You can go on a round-the-world trip, flying around the globe spending some time across all the continents.

b. Or you could travel slow – staying in each country for months/weeks or become a digital nomad – build a lifestyle that enables to live, work and travel (maybe slow travel) from anywhere in the world.

Once you identify how you want to do it, the next logical step is to figure out how much money you would need, and by when, so you can earn/save the amount well ahead.

Although every little detail cannot be planned, at least have a skeleton of your travel plans in place, which will not only help you give a realistic picture of what to expect but also allow you to plan accordingly and figure out ways to get the most out of your savings; which is one of the most important parts of planning.

By keeping a close eye on your “travel fund” savings, and constantly working out ways to increase it, on top of the regular additions with each paycheck, you develop this discipline which will help you while “on the road”.

There are two sides to that coin:

You will know how much you’ll have in your travel fund in x number of months or years because you are scheduling methodically.

Second is that this approach can be extended to monitor & track your other expenditures leading to better financial planning overall.

AndroMoney is a great app that helps you track every expense in detail. Similarly, there are many easy to use apps to plan your finances like these.

And how can you maximize your savings? The next tip will tell you that. 

2. Make Changes in Your Lifestyle

Going on short trips with a base is totally different than traveling long term. Because, in this case, all you need to follow the above approach of having a fixed amount every month to go to a destination during your long weekends/holidays.

But if you are switching to traveling long term, over time, you’ll realize that it becomes essential for you to make changes in your lifestyle.

Each of us has different ways of indulging or self-pampering, which we consider harmless and innocent spends, but they cut away a major chunk of our earnings. If it is unnecessary shopping for some, for others it is too much of spending on dining and alcohol.

So what’s your indulgence?

Identify those, and start taking control immediately. Whether you prepare your own lunch to bring to work (you save money, and control what you put in your body). Or cut back on your “fancy” take-away coffee habit. Although socializing is fun and necessary, dialing down on going out for drinks can help you add to the travel fund (think about what that $8 drink can buy you in Chiang Mai)

Rent a place in student neighborhoods, where the rents are cheaper. Find economic ways to commute to your workplace. Take advantage of discounted items when shopping – You get the idea right?

Check how the cost of living varies in every country on Numbeo, which gives a detailed data on cities worldwide.

3. Keep a Watch on Your Spend

Continuing on what we said above, the moment you keep a watch on your expenses, you’ll become better at judging between your wants and needs. Shopping for groceries is a need, but dining at expensive restaurants three days in a row is not.

By making a switch in your lifestyle and watching your spending habits, you’ll go a long way in saving, for which you will be thankful when you hit the road.

4. Selling Off is a Good Idea!

Your new found habit of identifying your wants and needs can be extended further to check your possessions. If you are planning to travel long term without a base location, then ideally you should get rid of your things – whether it’s your car or your favorite furniture, consider them as means to earn some cash, instead of just hoarding them.

Look further to scan things that might look unimportant or worthless, because you never know what people are looking for on eBay! Make a list of the items, and get rid of them one by one. Believe us, that in itself is very liberating, and the added cash in the travel piggy bank is the sweet bonus.

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5. Have a Fallback Plan

It is an important transition you are making, from taking short trips to being on the road for long. So you have to be equipped to handle any unfortunate/unforeseen events that may occur – whether it is health or finances or family.

You might fall sick. Or, plans or jobs that might be secure today, can disappear or fail unexpectedly. You don’t want to panic or go broke in a strange country. So have a plan B to tackle these situations, which will act as your cushion just in case like having a second job, a passive income stream in the form of interests from deposits, a temporary & cheap place to head back to stay for a while until you can travel again, health insurance, etc.

When You Take The Leap & Hit The Road

1. Spend Time on Research

By research, we don’t mean the one that you do while shortlisting a destination, but an advanced and intensive research after you arrive there.

You’ll most likely spend more time at each destination now that you are traveling long term, and it is necessary that you know how to leverage the local transport to minimize your costs or which restaurants are cheap and best. Figure out if traveling in groups helps as well, and when choosing accommodations, go beyond the online listings and do what it takes to save the most.

2. Choose Cheaper Destinations

This looks both obvious, as well as unlikely to happen every time, but opting to travel and work in affordable destinations will certainly help you be there and explore for much longer.

South and Central Asia are the cheapest regions in the world that are beautiful to live and travel through. Plus, when you are starting out, and are on a shoestring budget, it makes sense to choose these countries.

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3. Befriend Locals & Live Like One!

The best way to immerse in a country and its culture is to ask locals. They are your best bet to live and travel cheaply too. Network and connect with as many people as possible because it costs nothing to be friendly or make new friends, and it is nice to get to really know people.

And when you start talking and going out with them, you’ll know how to get that cheapest ticket or beer, how to navigate without getting scammed, how to make the most of the local holiday seasons for accommodations and so on. And always strive to learn as much of their language as you can, be it just a few words, or the ability to carry a conversation.

4. Master Travel Hacking Skills

There are many ways to travel cheap, and if you are a frequent traveler, you should already be familiar with at least a few of them. Using travel miles to book flights and accommodations, opting for Couchsurfing, and volunteering are some of the ways to save a lot of money. Luckily, you can try most of these around the world easily. So starting putting these to practice when on the road.

5. Work While You Travel

Unless you have saved so much money that is worth your lifetime or you have won a huge sum in a lottery (both of which are unlikely!), you’ll end up working while traveling at some point in time or the other.

But the question is what do you want to work on, that will let you earn money as well as travel? Fortunately, the opportunities to achieve this are only growing, and here are some of the popular ways to work & travel:

Work remotely – Run a business that sells products or services  – You can be a web designer or an artist or an author, identify what you are good at and put that to use. Or start a website of your own and learn ways to monetize. You can even work as a virtual assistant or as a freelancer for fixed hours.

Or take up these other physical jobs like teaching English, become an Au Pair, house-sit, or work in hostels/farms/cruises – the options are limitless and many as long as you are disciplined and open to try & learn!

Well, these are very concise and practical tips that are easy to adapt. Hope this helps!

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Write to us and we would be happy to assist you finding your temporary homes!

Have fun, and remember that in the end, you will only regret the chances you didn’t take!

How To Travel in Greece on a Budget?

Greece is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to travel. Given its charismatic islands, rugged mountains, and the beaches, no wonder it is THE dream destination for many people around the world. But many avoid or put their Greek holiday on hold because of money, assuming it be expensive, which is partially true. It is not as cheap as traveling in Asia for sure, but it is definitely possible to travel in Greece on a budget.

Find out below to see how you can explore Greece without breaking the bank.

Where to travel, eat and stay are what matters, and we’ll use these to present you a guide that can help you travel in Greece on a budget.

Where to Travel?

The capital city Athens is logically the first place travelers visit, and thankfully the city is affordable for most of the part. You can safely spend some time familiarizing with Greece, explore the ancient ruins, visit nearby islands as day trips, and taste the cuisines of Greece.

Beaches are obviously free, and with about 168 islands, Greece spoils you with choice of gorgeous islands. The marvelous island of Santorini and Mykonos are expensive, and the good thing is that there are many alternatives to these.

Crete, the largest of all, has many pretty islands consisting of laid-back beaches that are non-touristy as well as cheap. The islands of Cyclades – home to two pretty islands Tinos close to Mykonos and Milos, and Dodecanese region boasts of spectacular beaches with powder soft white sand. Moving around is not difficult either, making them places worth visiting.

Similarly, Ionian Sea islands are excellent for parties, cheap nightlife and beaches, and the largest of Ionian islands Kefalonia, and Lefkada are wonderful to explore. Head to Epiros for epic mountains, and Thessaloniki for its fresh city vibes.

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What to Eat?


Your eating choices will make a good difference when in Greece. Seafood is best everywhere, but if you choose restaurants by the harbor, the prices can be skyrocketing. Look for local markets and shops where locals hang out. Not only will you get to see the local life of Greece, you’ll get to experience to dine and wine like locals at great prices!

Where to Stay?


It is better to pick the islands with the cheapest accommodations while visiting the islands. It is still possible to find stays at decent prices after bargaining at Corfu, Crete if you head to Sitia, Zakros and Ierapetra, and south of Rhodes. Naxos, Paros, and Amorgos islands also have inexpensive stay options.

Hostel beds are available between 10 to 15 Euros while hotels can easily cost between 50 to 80 Euros depending on the place. Although not comfortable, it is better to go inland and away from the popular islands to cut cost on accommodation.

If you are a digital nomad looking for villas in Greece, check out our lovely homes here. You may hit a jackpot!

Some tips to travel on a budget in Greece:

1. Avoid expensive places/experiences

As said, figuring out the places that you intend to visit will be the deal breaker in the total cost of the trip. Santorini might be the most romantic but is also highly expensive. So is Mykonos. Dining at a fancy seaside tavern can be dreamy, but only if you aren’t concerned about splurging. Ditto with alcohol. Greece has some of the best wines, but it is necessary to be conscious of how much you drink in those pool parties if budget is on your mind!

2. Stay away from tourist traps/package tours

As with every destination, Greece has its share of tourist traps as well, the difference being that you’ll dig deeper holes in your pocket! So not all the museums and monuments might not interest you as you assume or not all island hopping tours can be worth doing. The best way to avoid costs as well as explore is to carefully select what you want to see and how much.

In Athens for instance, there are free walking tours held every day that starts from the city near and covers all major monuments of historical interest. The entry to sites of Acropolis and the wonderful museum cost very less so it would be worth adding to your places to visit.

Similarly, traveling by ferries independently to selected islands is better than the ferry tours that cost more. The same goes with package tours, which can get expensive.

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3. Travel during shoulder seasons

The months of July and August are the high seasons to visit Greece. You’ll find more travelers and Greeks themselves on a holiday, resulting in an increase in accommodation and trip costs. By the end of September, the crowds get thin and continue until mid-November. Also, the months of May and June are relatively less hot as well. So traveling during these months can help you cut down costs to a great extent on flights, accommodations, and sightseeing.

4. Traveling in Groups Help

One of the best approaches to stay good on budget while traveling in Greece is to travel in groups. Not many might be comfortable with this idea, but at least staying in groups or finding one for commuting and accommodations can save money to a great extent.

Especially, a majority of house owners in Greece allow to share villas that have multiple rooms and the properties are spacious enough, which is encouraging. You can easily save hundreds of Euros by adopting this, which can you spend on seeing/doing more! Also, if in a group, you can rent a car which is economical and comfortable as chasing public transport can be exhausting.

If you plan your trip considering these tips, we guarantee that your dream vacation in Greece can come true, but on a budget!

Check some useful apps here that you can download to help you travel better in Greece.

Have a great holiday! Antio Sas!

7 Best Beach Destinations in Croatia For Digital Nomads

In the previous posts, we told you why Croatia is the perfect place for digital nomads, and also brought you the 10 best co-working places along with pointing out the 15 hidden gems in the country. So we went a step further, to spot the 7 best beach destinations in Croatia for digital noamds. Because we know that working by sun-kissed beaches sipping your favourite cocktail is how you digital nomads love it best!

So here are the 7 best beach destinations in Croatia for digital nomads!

1 – Split

The second largest city in Croatia, Split is on top of our list of the best beach destinations in Croatia for reasons more than one! Located in the center of Dalmatia region, Split is a stop-over for many thousands of tourists heading to the southern Croatian destinations.


With a good climate during the spring which continues until October, amazing sea food and wonderful places to explore, Split attracts a lot of travelers around the year. The gorgeous beaches are not very far from the center. The nearest and the most visited is Bacvice beach. The hills of Marjan also open up to pristine beaches. You can enjoy a leisurely swim, or watch/partake in a game of picigin.

Plus, being on the list of popular Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia also has seen a high surge of fans checking out Split. Also, regular daily ferries take you to the islands to some of the most secluded beaches in the region.

Split for digital nomads: There are a few good co-working places in Split like Amosfera, WiP co-working and Cocreative co-working with great internet, inspiring views of the sea and a friendly ambiance.

2 – Zadar

Zadar is considered as one of the coolest cities in Croatia, thanks to the majestic hillocks, picturesque Dalmatian coast home to splendid beaches like Saharun. Also add to these the top-notch seafood, especially the local fish cuisines, Zadar would turn addictive!

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

Zadar for digital nomads: Zadar is ranked second after capital Zagreb in NomaldList’s best cities in Croatia for many reasons combined – the internet speed is great, the cost of living and safety are better, and the food is excellent. Coin Zadar is the most popular co-working space in Zadar.

3 – Rijeka

If you wish to enjoy the Mediterranean vibes in a perfect climate savoring delectable cuisines and soothing music, Rijeka is for you. The town has some of the best beaches and beckons travelers for its pubs, rustic fishing homes, and scenic views. Rijeka can be regarded as a replica of Split except at lower costs.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

Rijeka for digital nomads: Start hubs being created in the recent years near the city center has led to the developments of co-working spaces for digital nomads. KIWI space is a popular co-working space.

4 – Brac

Brac is one of the popular islands of Croatia known especially for its beach towns adorning the Adriatic coast. From being a getaway for beach vacations for families and tourists, it is gaining attention among the digital nomad community for its pleasant and affordable lifestyle.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

The Zlatni Rat, located close to Bol is one of the marvelous beach destination that is home to mountains dotted with stone pine and oak.

Brac for digital nomads: With the best beaches just a few steps away some of which have excellent cafes, Brac is good to work from cafes overlooking the views given the costs are not too high.

5 – Krk

The largest of the Adriatic islands and well-populated, Krk has grown to be more than the vibrant Venetian style buildings along the coast. The bustling vibes and laid-back beaches coupled with scrumptious food are enough to convince the visitors.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

The benefits of working from a small town while enjoying the luxuries it offers at reasonable cost apply to Krk, an addition being excellent beach destinations close by.

6 – Hvar

Hvar is home to many ancient homes, some of them belonging to medieval times, and thus enriched with architecture and history all set against a gorgeous backdrop of turquoise seas and a coast that is devoid of mainstream tourists makes it an attractive destination among the young travelers.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

The experience of living in an old town surrounded by beaches and a very good climate conditions could be yours as a digital nomad if you choose Hvar!

7 – Zlarin

If the ruins of Roman settlements dominate the streets of Zlarin, the coast houses the homes of fishermen who go after corals in the pretty beaches. A beautiful mix of a glorious history, culture, and quiet beach shores make Zlarin appealing.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

Also, the fact that you can rent some beautiful properties at surprisingly low prices where you can wake up to these picturesque landscapes make Zlarin alluring. If you are a digital nomad wishing to move away from big cities to find your creativity and freedom soar, Zlarin helps you to live your adventure for sure!

These are our picks for the beach destinations in Croatia for you to work, live and enjoy the best. What are your recommendations?

Check your dream vacation homes in these beach islands here.

Have you lived in any of these amazing places?

11 Best Instagram-Worthy Destinations in Greece

11 best instagram worthy destinations in Greece

With Instagram being the newly discovered app for the youth to connect and flaunt, every Instagrammer is on a quest to capture phenomenal landscapes, dreamy beaches, delectable cuisines from across the world.

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Greece, the country that is the potpourri of the west and the eastern worlds, is alluring with its culture, rugged mountain cliffs, impeccable beaches and the exquisite history.

In this post, we bring to you the 11 best Instagram-worthy locations in Greece. Check it out!

1 – Milos


Located south-west of the Cyclades in Greece, Milos is the place for its classic beaches. More than 70 stunning beaches laden with crystal-clear white sand beckons the travelers all through the year. The vibrant homes dotting the shore alongside the turquoise waters coupled with the white washed landscape makes it the most visited island in Greece during summer.

Mikros Apoplous, a restaurant by the beach in Adamas is worth visiting for the seafood. There are many restaurants in Pollonia serving excellent food, some of them being Enalion and Gialos for delicious desserts or wine.

2 – Mykonos



From the picturesque coastline home to gorgeous beaches to the rustic charm of the old town, Mykonos is the place to be if you are into photography or just love admiring the natural beauty. As for the pictures for Instagram? Well, you’ll be spoilt for choices, and it is going to get hard for you to pick! Like this lovely windmill, which looks so pretty with the sea.

3 – Meteora


Meteora is probably Greece’s best Instagram-worthy destination. Home to the most ancient and the unique UNESCO heritage listed monasteries in the world, Meteora is a must visit place for history dating back to thousands of years, tall monolithic stones that form huge boulders surrounded by the mountains atop which the beautiful monasteries of the Great Meteoron and the monastery of Varlaam.

4 – Skiathos


Well connected by flights from many cities of Greece, this northern most island in the Sporades region, Skiathos is all green and blue shades that form the remarkable landscapes. The mountains studded with pine trees lead to cliff tops overlooking the peninsulas, capes and amazing coastline.

5 – Kefalonia



If capturing medieval castles atop the cliffs surrounded by imposing coastline, the island of Kefalonia is where you should head. The largest of the Ionian islands, Kefalonia is home to many charming beaches including Myrtos, Antisamos, Assos and Skala.

6 – Symi


The quaint island of Symi is the land of hidden monasteries, classical mansions of the medieval times, and scenic harbors that are home to the prettiest yachts belonging to the French and the Italians. The whole of the island can be best explored by foot as you discover cobbled streets with colorful buildings with stone pine clad mountains in the behind, overlooking the blue sea.

7 – Rhodes


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More than its impressive sun-kissed beaches, the postcard like cobbled streets flanked by striking cafes and the nightlife encompassing astir crowd is what Rhodes is well-known for, and is rightly so! The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is where you can taste the best of Greece’s cuisine, making it the best place for delicious food and wine pictures for Instagram!

8 – Corfu


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Corfu is regarded by many as one of the islands of Greece that is more family-friendly because of its cosmopolitan set up, and hence is a popular place among the digital nomad families. The second largest of the Ionian islands, Corfu charms its travelers with its Venetian style streets and decor.

Check out the best restaurants in Corfu here.

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While you are in Corfu, there is the smallest of the Ionian islands of Greece, Paxi or Paxos, about 15km from Corfu. Secluded and untouched for the most part, you’ll stumble upon the quiet fishing villages dotted with olive trees and walls all worth flaunting on Instagram! It is the place to shoot the pictures adorned with yachts lining up the coast against the deep blue waters of the sea.

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9 – Crete


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The largest and the most populous Island of Greece, Crete is the most visited island in the country for various reasons, the top being the exotic smaller islands, which are home to exquisite beaches, food, history, and people. If the Venetian style of Chania located in the northern most point of Crete is highly popular among the Europeans, the islands of Rethymno, Heraklion or the most secluded island of Lassithi are best known for the white sand beaches with little crowd, picturesque fishing villages and excellent food and wine.

Check out this place if you want a place to co-work while you are in Crete.

10 – Lesvos


Lesvos or Mytilini is the third largest island in Greece after Crete and Evia and is more than just another Greek island. Why? Well, the secluded beaches in the island are yet to turn in to touristy places, despite the surprisingly good connectivity from Greece. You can hike, ride a bike in the exuberant forests composed of pine, chestnut and oak trees or hop the islands to soak in the views of the pristine beaches.

Check out Digital Nomad Lesvos if you are a digital nomad looking for a coworking place while traveling in Lesvos!

11 – Santorini

The spectacular island of Santorini needs no special introduction, so much that when you think of islands of Greece, the skyline filled with white buildings adorned blue doors lined up along the coast of Aegean sea comes to mind immediately. To top this off, Santorini is also home to some volcanic mountains, which give away to incredible views!


While these are the best that we have picked, it is really hard to select only a few in a country as beautiful as Greece. Also check the islands of Kastelorizo, Syros, Ithaka and Hydra for more Instagrammable pictures of the best of the Greek islands!

The Culture Trip recommends these restaurants as best in Santorini. Check it out here!

So these are our picks for the 11 Best Instagram-Worthy Destinations in Greece. Which is your favorite Greek Island and Why?

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram worthy pictures of Greece here! Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for exciting stories!

Also, check these coworking places in Greece recommended for you – Coho & Tzaferi 16

20 Best Travel Movies To Inspire Wanderlust

From majestic landscapes consisting of lush mountains to crazy adventurous road trips, movies always have served as a platter of inspiration over years, catering to our little imagination and making us go after the fabulous locations across the world to fulfill our wanderlust. But have you wondered which are the best travel movies that have been made?

Whether you are looking for some movies for a movie marathon or need a dose of travel inspiration, here are the 20 best travel movies to inspire wanderlust.

01 – Into the Wild

Considered as one of the contemporary classic books of the same name, Into the Wild is a movie for every travel seeking wanderlust soul. Set in the rugged Alaska and the west coast of the US, this story is about a young man’s journey in the wilderness of Alaska and within himself after he gives away all his money in charity to discover life.

best travel movies

We get to see the mesmerizingly beautiful and dangerous terrain of Alaska, which is compelling enough to inspire wanderlust.

02 – The Motorcycle Diaries

Based on the popular classic book by the same name, The Motorcycle Diaries is the journey of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara in his young days across South America, which had a profound impact on his life that shaped him to be the leader.

best travel movies

From the iconic Machu Picchu to the streets of Buenos Aires to the Atacama desert, we are taken on a splendid visual journey of the South American continent in this movie.

03 – Seven Years in Tibet

Seven years in Tibet is a movie that shows how adventures during travels can transform one’s life. Based on the true story of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountain climber, this movie is about his attempt to conquer a mountain in the Himalayas at the time of Chinese attack on Tibet, where he encounters the young Dalai Lama.

best travel movies

Intense, moving, and filled with the landscapes of the Himalayas, this journey of the man takes the viewers on a virtual expedition.

04 – Under The Tuscan Sun

Set in the gorgeous landscape of Tuscany, this movie is for the ones that want to explore the beauty of Italy. The story revolves around the city where a woman who is a writer impulsively buys a home in Tuscany hoping to change our lives.

best travel movies

Don’t say we didn’t warn you if you fall for Italy after you watch this movie. But don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out where GoGo Places have homes in Italy here!

05 – Wild

Grief changes us in ways that we cannot imagine. Wild is a movie that portrays sorrow and travel beautifully, both that strikes a young woman.

best travel movies

After losing her mother, the protagonist goes on a 1,100-mile solo hike on the Pacific crest trail, that takes us through her varying emotions along with the stunning backdrops of the Pacific.

06 – The Darjeeling Limited

best travel movies

The Darjeeling Limited introduces to incredible India as three well-off brothers embark a road trip across the country in an attempt to reconcile after their father’s loss. A movie that makes you want to visit India while keeping you entertained.

07 – The Bucket List


best travel movies

A heartwarming story of two old men battling terminal cancer, The Bucket List brings tears as the men escape the hospital to check off the places in the world of their list, showcasing the importance of living the life to the fullest.

08 – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

best travel movies

Shot in many bewitching countries around the world including Iceland, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the story of a guy who hates his job and secretly dreams of a different version of himself. When he is about to lose his job, he goes on a self-exploring journey around the globe.

09 – The Way

best travel movies

A father embarks on a journey in Spain’s Camino de Santiago trail to honour his son’s wish after he passes away. The story shows Spain’s best side as the father encounters unexpected and overwhelming adventures in his journey.

We are located in Spain too! Check our homes here!

10 – The Beach

A movie that turned the quaint island of Phuket in Thailand into one of the most popular beach destinations in the world, The Beach is also regarded as one of the best works of Leonardo Dicaprio.

best travel movies

We get to see the pristine beaches of Koh Samui and other islands of Thailand as the protagonist sets out to find where a map that he gets leads him.

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11 – Before Sunrise

If you are into romantic movies, Before Sunrise would probably become your favorite one! Two travelers meet on a train while traveling in Europe. They have 12 hours that they spend in Vienna in Austria, knowing that they wouldn’t meet again.

best travel movies

The movie travels in time as slowly as possible capturing beautiful moments between the two while depicting the city of Vienna.

12 – Midnight in Paris

best travel movies

Combine the best of the things and you produce a masterpiece – That’s the movie Midnight in Paris, which brings to life the beauty of the romantic Paris when an aspiring novelist suddenly goes on time travel as it explores the city with his fiancee’s family.

13 – A Map for Saturday

best travel movies

A map for Saturday resonates the best with you if belong to ‘I quit the job to travel the world’ tribe that has been picking up the pace and growing up like never before. It’s about the story of a man who quits his comfortable job and sets out to trot the globe for more than a year.

14 – In Bruges

best travel movies

When a hitman and his partner seek refuge in the city of Bruges in Belgium, there is certainly a lot that is going to happen, but in the city that one can expect. If you wish to discover a part of Belgium, In Bruges is the perfect movie to explore.

15 – The Grand Budapest Hotel

best travel movies

The Grand Budapest Hotel is fiction retold in Germany, as the adventures of Gustave H unfolds in the form of black comedy. The surreal beauty of the town of Saxony comes alive in the movie, enticing everyone for a German expedition!

16 – Lost in Translation

best travel movies

Japan is one of the most desired countries on the list for all the travelers, and Lost in Translation leads you to the charming city of Kyoto as it entwines the path of two completely different people that cross each other while traveling in the city.

17 – The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

best travel movies

An Australian adventure served right through the characters that weave the story with Priscilla, the bus named by a transgender woman and two drag performers sums up The Adventures of Priscilla. A movie worth watching for its quirky adventures.

18 – Tracks

best travel movies

Tracks is the movie that covers the length of Australia in all its splendor. A journey of a woman with her four camels and a dog, Tracks takes you through the beautiful topography of the country as she goes on a 1700-mile trek.

19 – How Much Further

best travel movies

How much further is about two women travelers who go on backpacking in Ecuador. The whirlwind journey of the women in the scenic trails of the country is compelling enough to convince you to visit Ecuador!

20 – The Road Within

best travel movies

The Road Within is another movie that involves the ways of people of dealing with bereavement as the protagonists go on a road trip in the US. What better than the US for an epic road trip with some soul searching?

So, now you know our pick of the best travel movies, which is your favorite movie that makes you pack your bags?

Image credits: IMDB

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5 Reasons Why Greece Is Ideal For Digital Nomads

Greece, the country synonymous with the magnificent ruins enriched with thousands of years of history and philosophy is slowly turning into a favourite country among the digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and the remote workers across the world.

While Greece’s economy is trying to bounce back from the recent crisis, more and more people all over the world are calling this beautiful country in south eastern Europe home, which is a sign of better things to come.

One cannot compare the costs to the countries in Asia, but compared to the other countries in Europe, Greece fairs better.

1- Beautiful Locations to Inspire & Network

A country that lies at the crossroads of three continents truly has something more to offer. The neighbouring countries in the continents of Africa, Asia, and wonderful European cities have had a profound influence on Greece, which has become a melting point of culture, history, food and people.

So whether it’s the ruins that beckon the travelers or the gorgeous islands along the Aegean coastline with views to behold, Greece has it covered.

While the postcard like streets of Santorini overlooking the southern part of Aegean sea needs no introduction, the picturesque party destination Rhodes, Mykonos and Zakynthos waits to be explored.

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Also, the island of Crete, comprising of many quaint cities surprisingly have a great internet connectivity and network communities for digital nomads.

According to the Nomad List, Athens, Rethymno, Santorini, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Patras and Crete are the favourite cities of Greece for digital nomads, with Rethymno topping the list based on the Nomad score which is calculated taking many parameters into consideration.

2- Well Connected & Easy to Travel

Greece offers visa free travel for up to 30 days to more than 50 nationals worldwide, as compared to many nations in Europe, making it easy to travel. Also, once in the country, it’s convenient to move in the cities or go island hopping – whether it’s the famous Rhodes or the majestic Santorini.

Plus, thanks to the many budget carriers and short travel time, it’s easy to visit the neighbouring cities in other countries. The best and the largest airline in Greece is Aegean air, which provides the best prices for cities in Europe, with the flight to Milan in Italy costing as low as 50 Euros!

3 – Good Internet Connectivity

One of the top parameters for the digital nomads and remote workers is the internet connectivity, which is obviously an indispensable part of their lives. Taking this into account, the internet connectivity is good in most of the places in Greece. May be not as great as many other top cities in western Europe, but it is good nevertheless.

5 reasons why Greece is ideal for digital nomads

As expected, the capital city Athens has a great speed at 10 Mbps, followed by Rhodes that has an average of 4 Mbps, while the rest of the cities have an average speed of 3Mbps.

The average cost of the connection depends on the providers and the cities, but it must not cost more if you move to coworking places for work. It would cost around 230 Euros per month for a coworking space in Athens.

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4 – Great Night Life

Digital nomads swear by the words ‘Work hard, party harder’, and Greece does not disappoint this new generation of remote workers. The vibrant island of Rhodes, the bustling capital Athens and Santorini rank top among the cities with a great night life.

Obviously, you cannot compare it to the party destinations in Asia for an economical nightlife, but we bet you can party without digging too deep into your pockets!

5 – Safety

Safety is one of the important factors to consider when you are new cities. Especially for the digital nomads that are most of the time equipped with expensive laptops, cameras and other gadgets, you can’t overlook safety.

Greece is better than many of the countries in the world when it comes to safety, particularly for solo female digital nomads, travelers or entrepreneurs.

5 reasons why greece is ideal for digital nomads
A street in Athens.

Athens, Santorini and Rethymno are safe havens for a majority of digital nomads.

For a detailed report on the cities of Greece for things like accessibility, actual coworking spaces, amenities accustomed to in the rest of Europe, prices of everyday items and more, check this page here.

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8 Must Visit Game of Thrones Locations in Croatia

‘Game of Thrones’ – The most watched show on the planet, is here, with a new season. As the show gets more dramatic and interesting with major twists in every season, the curiosity of the fans of Game of Throneso trace the beautiful locations where the episodes have been shot has also reached a whole new level.

The devoted fans are looking all over the internet to ‘experience’ these locations – to soak in the gorgeous destinations while feeling like being a part of it, and this has opened up a lot of amazing destinations in Europe for the travelers, which were hidden gems until now.

Croatia is the country where most of the popular episodes have been filmed. Dubrovnik, the elegant city blessed with stunning landscapes and enriched with history has the majority of these locations.

Join us as we take you through the virtual tour of the 8 Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia.


1 | King’s Landing

Game of thrones locations in Croatia

King’s Landing is the capital of the fictional seven kingdoms. A coastal city with astounding views, this place is the power house, which witnesses many events including King Joffrey’s name day tournament.

King’s Landing is the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Known as ‘the pearl of the Adriatic,’ the old walled city area overlooking the spectacular Dalmatian coast has been a perfect place for the drama to unfold.

The Black Water Bay, which is shown from the top of the walls of the King’s Landing can be viewed by taking a tour in the old walled city of Dubrovnik. Most of the areas in the walled city can be traced to the scenes that were shot and can be photographed too.

It takes about 3 to 4 hours to stroll along the streets of the old city, including climbing the stairs for a bird view of the Bay.

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2 | Lovrijenac Fortress

Game of Thrones Locations in Croatia

Located on a rock at 37 meters high, Lovrijenac Fortress commands the attention of the travelers automatically as soon as they step into the old walls of Dubrovnik.

The tournament on Joffrey’s name day ceremony and a few scenes including the one with Cersei and the other Lannisters have been filmed at this fortress.

Climbing the steps would lead you to witness a stunning view of Dubrovnik’s skyline overlooking the Adriatic sea.

3 | St Dominika Street

Game of thrones location in Croatia

Passing through the Ploce gate leading to the main street of Stradun, you will see a labyrinth of lanes flanked by stone houses. This is the famed St Dominika Street, where many scenes of Game of Thrones including the one where the sparrows preach the civilians of King’s Landing have been filmed.

The streets are perfect to stroll around after a climb to the top of the Bokar and Lovrijenac fortresses.

Little ahead of this street lies the popular Jesuit staircase, the venue where the public shaming of Cersei takes place. It feels mesmerizing to see how well the Great Sept of Baelor, which is beautifully designed using the CGI technology in the show fits right in front of this staircase.

4 | Mineeta Tower

Remember the scene where the Khaleesi visits the House of the Undying on her quest to find her dragons? Well, the tall tower surrounded by the cobbled lanes is the tower of Mineeta, from where the King’s Landing is visible! You can visit the exact passage where the scenes were filmed along with watching the bird view of the Adriatic coast line in Dubrovnik.

You can visit the exact passage where the scenes were filmed along with watching the bird view of the Adriatic coast line in Dubrovnik.

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5 | Lokrum Island

Qarth, the city where Daenerys meets the spice king at his palace is located 600 meters from the main city of Dubrovnik at Lokrum Island. This island dates back to 1023 and thus looks as fascinating as it is showcased in the show, where you get to see the vibrant coastline of Dubrovnik on the horizon.

This island dates back to 1023 and thus looks as fascinating as it is showcased in the show, where you get to see the vibrant coastline of Dubrovnik on the horizon.

6 | Trsteno Arboretum

The beautiful palace gardens that can be seen from Red Keep in King’s Landing in the episodes where Sansa and Lady Olenna Tyrell takes place, and also the conversations between Sansa and Margaery occur are the sprawling gardens of Trsteno Arboretum, located away from the main city of Dubrovnik.

Built in the 15th century, this garden has been home to some of the world’s ancient species of trees. It is also the oldest arboretum in this part of Europe.

Don’t worry about food or drinks while you plan to explore all day in Dubrovnik. The city has many excellent restaurants, cafes, and bar, some of them in the old city with beautiful views of the skyline.

If you wish to try some delicious steaks or just want to dine with the views of the old harbour, you could visit Gusta Me. And Culture Club Revelin is a great place for some night life that goes on until early morning when there are concerts or performances.

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Split, the second largest city in Croatia is the other location in the country where Game of Thrones series has been filmed. The two popular ones are:

1 | Diocletian’s Palace

Game of thrones locations in croatia
If you wish to locate the throne room of Queen Daenerys, the mother of Dragons and the place where she trains her beasts in the basement, head straight to Diocletian’s Palace in the city of Split.

With a 1700-year old history and once a prominent place for Roman settlement, this magnificent palace looks befitting for the queen and her dragons.

2 | Klis Fortress

Game of thrones locations in croatia

Meereen, the former kingdom of slaves which Daenerys visits to conquer and out throw slavery is located a few meters away from the main city of Split. The enormous Klis fortress overlooking the city view and surrounded by the ancient walls has a lot to offer for the travelers.

If you want a complete mapping of the fictional places with the actual locations, Telegraph has it for you. Check this Game of Thrones filming locations travel guide to plan your GoT quest!

Although most of the locations can be traced to experience the Game of Thrones scenes, some of these are hard to find & that’s where Game of Thrones will benefit you.

Most of the guided tours are good and cover all the Game of Thrones filming locations in different parts of the world.

Check these tours by Viator for Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tours and Split Game of Throne Tours.

If you fall in love in these Croatian’s cities (we bet, you’ll, deeply!), why not find your vacation ‘home’ with us in Croatia?

Check where we are to help your life a living adventure!

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Have you traveled to these shooting locations? Which is your favorite and why? Let us know!

The Top 5 Digital Nomad YouTube Vloggers

Blogging may not be dead but there’s a good case to be argued that vlogging, video blogging, is where the world is heading. So we thought we’ll introduce you to the best digital nomad YouTube Vloggers from around the world, who have commendable in living adventure every day!

Video blogging allows people to capture the actual moment that something takes place and then to share it with their audience. This is fantastic for digital nomads who are traveling the world and looking to better communicate their new and strange experiences with their audiences back home. Video adds a dimension to things that the written word simply can’t emulate.

These five digital nomad vloggers are the people at the top of their game in this field. Millions of people have watched and learned from them and their travel experiences. Maybe you’ll enjoy sharing their experiences or maybe they will inspire you to become a master vlogger yourself?

5 Best digital nomad YouTube Vloggers

Mr Ben Brown

Ben is a filmmaker and documentary producer so it might not come as a surprise that he doesn’t have a website when he can use YouTube. He is also has a great Instagram account for his photography work.

Brown spends a lot of his time traveling back and forth between the UK and South Africa but his work has a much broader remit than that. His Arctic videos in particular show a slice of life that most of us will never be able to experience. You can understand from watching them why Ben feels they are among the most exciting days of his life.

Image Source


The Vagabrothers have gone full YouTube only and they run a very popular channel which is kind of dedicated to showcasing destinations that they’ve been to. Think the stuff of travel TV channels of days gone by with a slightly younger more irreverent perspective and you’ll be there.

Vagabrothers is a compound word of Vagabond and brothers and they are real life brothers, Marko & Alex Ayling. We’re not so sure about the “vagabonds” part as they both look too well dressed to pull that off.  Their most popular video to date is a rundown of their travel packing hacks.

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Christopher the Freelancer

Christopher Dodd begun his digital nomad journey two years ago and quickly realized there was a gap in the digital nomad scene. He decided to turn his freelancer-coding website into a one-stop resource for others looking to start their own nomadic journey.

Most of the content that Christopher produces is on his well-established YouTube channel and with one of his most recent videos scooped over 110,000 viewers.

Image Source

If you’re an aspiring digital nomad, new into your journey or looking for some advice and tips, you can download a copy of the free digital nomad guide on his website.

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat may be the most popular of all the digital nomad travel vloggers. He’s run up more than 100 million views on his YouTube videos and they show off a broad cross-section of the places and things Casey has done. He’s very much focused on experiences in new places and there’s some really crazy stuff in his channel.

The videos of him snowboarding along with the NYPD on the streets of New York take some real beating.  Incredibly he never went to film school or attended any form of professional education for his film work. He uses some standard off the shelf equipment and his imagination to capture his vision to share with the world.

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Pyscho Traveller

Pyscho Traveller, also known as Aly, is from Birmingham, England, who has been travelling the world for three years.

Image Source

Aly’s videos showcase her weekly life on the road as a digital nomad, the people she meets, the food tasted and the highs and low to living a digital nomad life. Aly’s channel is more than just travel, it’s a platform to inform and inspire people of all ages to live the life they want to live.

Aly also appeared on Chris The Freelancer’s YouTube Channel, talking about how viable a career as a travel vlogger is.

Compared to most other areas of digital nomad self-promotion, logging is still very much under-utilized. While there are definitely some stars like the names above, there is also plenty of potential for new stars to be born without having to fight for attention.

So, you might want to keep that in mind when you’re weighing up your digital nomad career options.

Top 5 Digital Nomad Families

digital nomad families

If you thought that digital nomad life was a walk in the park, try doing it with children in tow. You’d be surprised just how many people are doing exactly that now and today we bring you the top 5 digital nomad families from across the world.

They’re not just working and traveling but they’re raising their children on the road too.

Now, there’s no excuse for you not to book your ticket and get moving with your own plans.

Travel Bohemian

A Mum, a Dad, and 3 amazing boys dropped out of the American rat race seven years ago in search of a more fulfilling lifestyle. After simplifying their life and selling their crap, they spent a few years exploring Central America before heading to Southeast Asia.

Traveling and living with kids in exotic locations, home-schooling the three boys, and working as digital nomads has taught many life lessons. They are on a mission to continue to share their experiences to encourage others to attempt a life of forever adventure.

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The Nomadic Family

Kobi, Gabi, Dahnya, Orazi, and Solai are the 5 members of The Nomadic Family. They’re all originally from Jerusalem in Israel and it was Kobi’s (dad’s) dream to see the world but Gabi (mum) says that she’s a free-spirit and that she was as inspired by the idea too. They say that life as a family on the road is, “Messy, ugly, colourful, very noisy; sometimes quiet, painful, enlightening, bittersweet, often divine and peaceful.”

Typical posts include this one on “The Non-Christmas Revelations of an Un-Traveler-Nomadic World Travel at Home.

Image source

Digital Nomad With Kids

Digital Nomad With Kids is a family project run by Nanouk (mum), Joost (dad) and their young children Roan and Evi. They say their mission is to help other families break into the digital nomad lifestyle because they love it so much and have found that there are many other families who’d like to get started in the life, they just don’t know how to do so.

They left home, the Netherlands, back in 2015 and have been gone ever since. They travel slowly as a family and they live an RV to give themselves the continuity of “a home” while they travel.  A good post to get going with their blog is “5 eye opening moments of a newbie digital nomad with kids.”

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Where’s Sharon?

Where’s Sharon claims to be the most popular family travel blog online. We don’t know if that’s true but what we do know is that their blog is without a doubt one of the most resourceful blogs we’ve ever seen by anyone.

There’s a ton of country specific information on working and traveling with your family in every country they’ve visited as a family – and it’s a lot of countries. Sharon and her family are from Australia and they’ve lived and worked all over Asia and Europe as well as Australasia. Looking to the future Sharon and family are expecting to spend time in the Americas as well as Africa!

Image source

Sharon and her husband Joshua are accompanied by their three children every time that they go anywhere. Their posts are full of useful information like this one, “Complete Guide to the Top 20 Things to do in Phuket with Kids.”

Raising Miro

A Mum and a son left their home in 2009 for a one year trip. Now on their eighth year of travel, 25 countries and many personal changes later, Lainie & Miro continue to travel at a slow pace, They enjoy living a possession-free-lifestyle, volunteering and learning about the world.

Often you will hear Lainie say “we are blessed to be accidental in-schoolers” and has become and an advocate for “life learning” at any age. Lainie & Miro describe their greatest accomplishment as the ability to participate in the world without fear.

They’ve even paired up and spoke at a TedX event: http://www.raisingmiro.com/about/

So there you have it, 5 nomadic digital families, who have embraced the challenges of working and traveling as digital nomads and are living up to that challenge with their families.

Who knows, if you take the first steps with your family today, we could be reading about you in a year’s time?

Also, check out our pick of the 5 Best Digital Nomad YouTube Vloggers around the world for some more inspiration!

10 Most Adventurous Digital Nomad Couples Around The World

Most Adventurous Digital Nomad Couples

One of the questions we hear most frequently is, “is it possible to be a digital nomad couple?” We say that not only is it possible but you can succeed admirably. All of these couples have been exploring the world together and working together for a long time. Let’s find out how these 10 most adventurous digital nomad couples have been living the dream around the world.

Amber & Eric “The Husband” Hoffman

Image Source

Vagabond Quest

Dina and Ryan hit the road back in 2009 and have never stopped since. They’ve been very “slow mad” in their approach which has allowed them to dive deeper into countries and cultures and provided richer experiences than some of the nomad couples traveling at a fast pace will have seen.

Ordinary Traveler

Woodrow and Scott Calafiore are anything but ordinary travellers. They’ve been on the digital nomad trail for nearly a decade now and their blog is one of the most influential nomad and travel blogs out there. They’re particularly well-known for their innovative approach to photography. They also have a software company.

Image source

Midlife Road Trip

Proving that you don’t have to be twenty to see the world and run your own business, Rick Griffin and Sandi McKenna are the middle aged pair who keep on trekking. Rick decided to strike out on the travel trip of a lifetime when he nearly died back in 2004 and he persuaded Sandi to join him. They now run a radio show and are famous for working with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Never Ending Voyage

Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney, a digital nomad couple who sold everything to travel the world indefinitely.

Both travelled in 2008 for a year and soon returned home to the UK. However, they found it difficult to get back into the everyday life involving routine and repetitiveness. Having experienced the vastness of the world and all of the opportunity out there, they struggled to fit back into business as usual.

So they headed off again, but this time we left for good. Sold everything they owned, quit their jobs, rented out their house and headed out to play dice with destiny. 

Image Source

Hecktic Travels

Dalene and Peter Heck are the husband wife team who make up Hecktic Travels. Their blog is one of the most professionally produced nomad blogs that we’ve ever seen. They jumped out of corporate life in 2007 and started living in “200 liters of backpack space” and haven’t looked back. They say, “We have no plans to slow down. This life is too good.”

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Flying the Nest

This Australian couple, Stephen, and Jess, are relatively new to digital nomad life and only started out in 2014 but that hasn’t stopped them from gaining a lot of favorable intention. Other nomads may travel sedately but they’re trying to pack in years of living wherever they go, even if they’re only there for a few days. We really liked their YouTube channel.


Different Doors

If you think it’s depressing that all digital nomad blogs seem to come from a certain type of Westerner, then you’ll love the change presented by the couple who run Different Doors. They, Revati and Charles Victor, are an Indian professional couple hailing from Mumbai. They want to talk about unique experiences rather than standard travel tales and we think they do an amazing job of it.

A Cruising Couple

Dan and Casey say they’re “lovebirds, world travellers, and adventurers extraordinaire.” They see it as their mission to make adventurous travel more accessible to everyone. They take an unusual vantage point from their blog to achieve this. They look at both the luxury and ultra-budget experiences each place they visit has to offer and then provide commentary on what works best.

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A Brit and A Southerner

This is a fantastic blog from an American and British couple that have been tearing up the trail and seeing vast swathes of the world and running their own business. We really like the fact that they’ve integrated both their professional lives and their nomadic lifestyles in a single blog format rather than trying to keep the two separate.

There’s a lot you could learn from Chris and Heather Boothman.

Image source

As you can see it can be easy for digital nomad couples to thrive together. If you’re going to become a digital nomad couple and you think you might be passing through Croatia, don’t forget to contact us to arrange your accommodation and we will find the best place for you to stay.