The Top 5 Digital Nomad YouTube Vloggers

Blogging may not be dead but there’s a good case to be argued that vlogging, video blogging, is where the world is heading. So we thought we’ll introduce you to the best digital nomad YouTube Vloggers from around the world, who have commendable in living adventure every day!

Video blogging allows people to capture the actual moment that something takes place and then to share it with their audience. This is fantastic for digital nomads who are traveling the world and looking to better communicate their new and strange experiences with their audiences back home. Video adds a dimension to things that the written word simply can’t emulate.

These five digital nomad vloggers are the people at the top of their game in this field. Millions of people have watched and learned from them and their travel experiences. Maybe you’ll enjoy sharing their experiences or maybe they will inspire you to become a master vlogger yourself?

5 Best digital nomad YouTube Vloggers

Mr Ben Brown

Ben is a filmmaker and documentary producer so it might not come as a surprise that he doesn’t have a website when he can use YouTube. He is also has a great Instagram account for his photography work.

Brown spends a lot of his time traveling back and forth between the UK and South Africa but his work has a much broader remit than that. His Arctic videos in particular show a slice of life that most of us will never be able to experience. You can understand from watching them why Ben feels they are among the most exciting days of his life.

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The Vagabrothers have gone full YouTube only and they run a very popular channel which is kind of dedicated to showcasing destinations that they’ve been to. Think the stuff of travel TV channels of days gone by with a slightly younger more irreverent perspective and you’ll be there.

Vagabrothers is a compound word of Vagabond and brothers and they are real life brothers, Marko & Alex Ayling. We’re not so sure about the “vagabonds” part as they both look too well dressed to pull that off.  Their most popular video to date is a rundown of their travel packing hacks.

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Christopher the Freelancer

Christopher Dodd begun his digital nomad journey two years ago and quickly realized there was a gap in the digital nomad scene. He decided to turn his freelancer-coding website into a one-stop resource for others looking to start their own nomadic journey.

Most of the content that Christopher produces is on his well-established YouTube channel and with one of his most recent videos scooped over 110,000 viewers.

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If you’re an aspiring digital nomad, new into your journey or looking for some advice and tips, you can download a copy of the free digital nomad guide on his website.

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat may be the most popular of all the digital nomad travel vloggers. He’s run up more than 100 million views on his YouTube videos and they show off a broad cross-section of the places and things Casey has done. He’s very much focused on experiences in new places and there’s some really crazy stuff in his channel.

The videos of him snowboarding along with the NYPD on the streets of New York take some real beating.  Incredibly he never went to film school or attended any form of professional education for his film work. He uses some standard off the shelf equipment and his imagination to capture his vision to share with the world.

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Pyscho Traveller

Pyscho Traveller, also known as Aly, is from Birmingham, England, who has been travelling the world for three years.

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Aly’s videos showcase her weekly life on the road as a digital nomad, the people she meets, the food tasted and the highs and low to living a digital nomad life. Aly’s channel is more than just travel, it’s a platform to inform and inspire people of all ages to live the life they want to live.

Aly also appeared on Chris The Freelancer’s YouTube Channel, talking about how viable a career as a travel vlogger is.

Compared to most other areas of digital nomad self-promotion, logging is still very much under-utilized. While there are definitely some stars like the names above, there is also plenty of potential for new stars to be born without having to fight for attention.

So, you might want to keep that in mind when you’re weighing up your digital nomad career options.

10 Most Adventurous Digital Nomad Couples Around The World

Most Adventurous Digital Nomad Couples

One of the questions we hear most frequently is, “is it possible to be a digital nomad couple?” We say that not only is it possible but you can succeed admirably. All of these couples have been exploring the world together and working together for a long time. Let’s find out how these 10 most adventurous digital nomad couples have been living the dream around the world.

Amber & Eric “The Husband” Hoffman

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Vagabond Quest

Dina and Ryan hit the road back in 2009 and have never stopped since. They’ve been very “slow mad” in their approach which has allowed them to dive deeper into countries and cultures and provided richer experiences than some of the nomad couples traveling at a fast pace will have seen.

Ordinary Traveler

Woodrow and Scott Calafiore are anything but ordinary travellers. They’ve been on the digital nomad trail for nearly a decade now and their blog is one of the most influential nomad and travel blogs out there. They’re particularly well-known for their innovative approach to photography. They also have a software company.

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Midlife Road Trip

Proving that you don’t have to be twenty to see the world and run your own business, Rick Griffin and Sandi McKenna are the middle aged pair who keep on trekking. Rick decided to strike out on the travel trip of a lifetime when he nearly died back in 2004 and he persuaded Sandi to join him. They now run a radio show and are famous for working with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Never Ending Voyage

Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney, a digital nomad couple who sold everything to travel the world indefinitely.

Both travelled in 2008 for a year and soon returned home to the UK. However, they found it difficult to get back into the everyday life involving routine and repetitiveness. Having experienced the vastness of the world and all of the opportunity out there, they struggled to fit back into business as usual.

So they headed off again, but this time we left for good. Sold everything they owned, quit their jobs, rented out their house and headed out to play dice with destiny. 

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Hecktic Travels

Dalene and Peter Heck are the husband wife team who make up Hecktic Travels. Their blog is one of the most professionally produced nomad blogs that we’ve ever seen. They jumped out of corporate life in 2007 and started living in “200 liters of backpack space” and haven’t looked back. They say, “We have no plans to slow down. This life is too good.”

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Flying the Nest

This Australian couple, Stephen, and Jess, are relatively new to digital nomad life and only started out in 2014 but that hasn’t stopped them from gaining a lot of favorable intention. Other nomads may travel sedately but they’re trying to pack in years of living wherever they go, even if they’re only there for a few days. We really liked their YouTube channel.


Different Doors

If you think it’s depressing that all digital nomad blogs seem to come from a certain type of Westerner, then you’ll love the change presented by the couple who run Different Doors. They, Revati and Charles Victor, are an Indian professional couple hailing from Mumbai. They want to talk about unique experiences rather than standard travel tales and we think they do an amazing job of it.

A Cruising Couple

Dan and Casey say they’re “lovebirds, world travellers, and adventurers extraordinaire.” They see it as their mission to make adventurous travel more accessible to everyone. They take an unusual vantage point from their blog to achieve this. They look at both the luxury and ultra-budget experiences each place they visit has to offer and then provide commentary on what works best.

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A Brit and A Southerner

This is a fantastic blog from an American and British couple that have been tearing up the trail and seeing vast swathes of the world and running their own business. We really like the fact that they’ve integrated both their professional lives and their nomadic lifestyles in a single blog format rather than trying to keep the two separate.

There’s a lot you could learn from Chris and Heather Boothman.

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As you can see it can be easy for digital nomad couples to thrive together. If you’re going to become a digital nomad couple and you think you might be passing through Croatia, don’t forget to contact us to arrange your accommodation and we will find the best place for you to stay.

Top 5 Travel Bloggers on Instagram 

5 travel bloggers on instagram

They say that a picture can paint a thousand words, so what better way to record your travels than using the medium of photography? There’s only place on the internet where it’s worth being a photo blogger today and that’s Instagram.

So, we’ve rounded up the top 5 travel bloggers on Instagram so that you can appreciate their art and their travels without having to go looking for them yourselves. Of course, travel photography is a perfect profession for a digital nomad too.

James Asquith

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While most of us are just goofing around at the age of 24, James Asquith was different. He was finishing up his journey to see the entire world. That’s right, James was the youngest person in history, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, to visit every single country on the face of the planet.

He’s now writing a book about his experiences and when he’s not writing, James is updating his Instagram account with countless fascinating shots of the places he’s been and the people that he’s met with them. You can’t help but be inspired by this.

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Alan Edward Hinton

Alan Edward Hinton is a photographer, content creator and world traveller. He also has one of the most incredible beards we’ve ever seen on a digital nomad. He used to be a Digital Marketing Manager working in London and then one day he woke up and decided he’d rather do something else and travel the world. He’s been doing that for three years now and his impact has been incredible.

Nearly 200,000 people follow Alan on Instagram and his photographs are considered to be among the greatest travel shots of his generation. He also has his own blog and if you’d like to emulate his success, you might want to try out this post “30 free ways to grow your Instagram followers” which he wrote in March 2017.

Girl Eat World – Mel

Proving that one silly idea can grow into something much more than its humble beginnings is @girleatworld. The idea came from the fact that Mel likes travelling alone but she hates taking selfies and she doesn’t like asking strangers to take her expensive camera phone to take her photo. Instead, she decided to take a shot of the food she was eating at the time of any visit to a place in front of something fascinating. So, in essence, this is a bit like @drinksintheair but with food and with only a single photographer taking part in the experiment.

How popular can that be? Very. More than 350,000 people tune into @girleatworld.

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Drinks in the Air

What better way to tell the world about where you are or where you have been than to capture the quintessential nature of that place in a single photograph? The people of @drinksintheair have realised that one way to do that is to capture a shot of the place and the drink that you are indulging in at that time. There is also run “food Inthe air” which does a remarkably similar thing with food.

It may or may not be traditional travel photography but it certainly has captured the public imagination and more than 60,000 people follow @drinksintheair and their regular updates.

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Ben Shlappig

By far the most popular Instagram blogger on our list is Ben Shlappig. He has over 700,000 people following his antics as he moves from place-to-place.

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Ben is quite famously one of the most nomadic people on the face of the planet, he says he’s reluctant to spend more than 3 days in any one place and finds it very boring if he gets trapped somewhere for longer than that. He’s a full-time travel blogger which makes that a good thing rather than a bad thing and he’s really seized on the power of Instagram to reach an audience.

Just don’t expect him to follow your Instagram, he only follows 250 photographers in total.

You won’t build a popular Instagram travel blog overnight. Though, it’s worth noting that if you are already famous (as James Asquith was) you may be able to shortcut the process and get a large number of followers quickly (James managed his following in roughly 3 months). However, the real key to Instagram success is to take photos regularly and to keep updating your account.

We hope that these 5 travel bloggers have given you some inspiration as to where to take your efforts with Instagram when you’re out on the road.